We at Group Kamide have a complete line of solutions in products and services providing our customers and partners a differentiated service according to their individual needs, thus ensuring their total satisfaction.

Your company needs to grow and be profitable, you need to make strategic investments, so do not waste time, know our solutions, one of them will be right for you.


All our import activities are in accordance with the legislation that regulates foreign trade operations go far beyond the customs and bureaucratic procedures that the activity requires, we complete the entire import process and with strategic partners, we become capable of providing a rapid response in the distribution of products to all cities in Brazil.

Telecom Operator

We offer the best products and services for your company and residence: internet via fiber, wireless internet, smart home, ION TV and easy headset. We have a physical presence throughout our coverage area which allows us to meet the needs of our clients and adapt to them. In addition to ensuring practicality and ease of communication.

Sale of equipment for Internet Service Provider

We specialize in the sale of internet products and we offer solutions for FTTH network, FTTx network, Wireless Network, hardware, cabling and monitoring, capable of serving all types of internet providers offering them a quality technology option with affordable cost.

Logistics Distribution of Internet Equipment

Our Logistic Distribution Center is located in the city of Goioerê – PR, has an area of ​​more than 1400 m2 of stock. We have the partnership with the main carriers of the country, which enables us to deliver products to all corners of Brazil. We are known throughout the national territory for the effectiveness of our team and agility of our deliveries.

Automation and Monitoring

We offer a variety of automation and monitoring solutions such as the most varied types of sensors, monitoring cameras and Smart video doorman, which have been developed based on the internet of things, designed to provide the user with safety and technological comfort.