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Internet Provider and Telecom Operator, Visãonet has the mission to connect you with the world through technology. The company was founded in 1987 and has several subsidiaries in the states of Paraná and São Paulo and stands out for having extensive market experience offering high quality products and innovative services.


Portfolio the product Overtek is designed to meet the needs of all types of internet service providers ensuring a unique experience that brings together high technology, design and value for money cost/benefit, increasing the profitability and quality of services provided, leading the consumer home broadband quality, mainly in the cities far from the capitals.

ISP Shop

E-commerce specialized in products for internet providers that operates through the B2B platform. The ISP Shop is certified by ISO 9001 being known throughout the national territory for the excellence of the services rendered and differentiated service to its clients. Since 2009 it has brought to Brazil a technology option with high quality and affordable cost.


The Simona brand brings products thought to meet the needs of the home of the Brazilian consumer.
With quality, pratical and innovative products, it seeks to bring modernity that every home deserves to have.

KMD Imports

KMD Imports is our resale on Sport’s Shooting. The company was born with the premise of supplying our partners with products that aggregate quality alongside a great performance in practice, always uniting cost-benefit and what is latest in the market. Our products are commercialized all around the country through our partners, distributed around every part of Brazil, e-commerce’s specialized on the Sport’s Shooting area and alike.


Baiten e-commerce is the newest company of the Kamide Group that operates in the Sport Shooting and Outdoor activities segment. We are representatives of brands like Nova Vista. We strive to offer quality and exclusive products alongside respect, trust and credibility for the customer at the time of service.